The Worlds Best Kept Health Secret Revealed Volume III 

Dr. GJ Bourdon has co-authored a new book, The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed. It is the third book in a best selling health and wellness series. This book has already become a best seller with sales of over 11,000 copies before going to print. The entire three best selling book series has sold over 70,000 books worldwide.

Dr. GJ Bourdon’s book has quickly become popular because readers are learning new information on a highly researched, little known health threat: subluxations (pronounced: sub-lux-ay-shuns).  The book reveals that by easily and painlessly removing subluxations people are able to think clearer, have more energy and maintain higher levels of health among many other benefits for both children and adults.

“Have you ever had a “fogginess” come over your mind or had trouble remembering things?  Have you experienced the aches and pains of “getting older”?  Are you continually sick, lacking energy or among the first to experience allergies, colds or flus?  "This could be an indication that your body is suffering from subluxations,” says Dr. GJ Bourdon runs a healing center offering chiropractic and wellness programs.

The Best Kept Health Secret Revealed Volume III is helping thousands increase their health and energy while maintaining youthful vigor for life.  Dr. GJ Bourdon's live program concentrates on teaching total wellness in addition to new information and new techniques which are proven to minimize the negative effects of stress on the body and

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